Company history

Cappellini, gardeners since five generations.

Our history begins at the end of 1800, when Lazzaro, the great-grandfather and Enrico, his son, start a Morus production used for feeding silkworm. After the first world war, they started to landscape gardens and villa’s parks for aristocratic families in the north of Italy.

Carlo, carry on to landscape gardens and increase the number of varieties and species to grow. He starts a new nursery production in Pistoia, Tuscany, his plan was to grow different varieties in different climate zone. Today, Enrico and Giorgio, the fourth generation grandnephews, are working with the best architects and garden designers and carry on the nursery production and garden construction.

In 2015, Alice, the fifth generation, joined the family business. The unvaried element across five generations is the highest quality as possible in production and garden realization.